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Addison Capital, Inc.

ALFI Partners

Amade Global Partners

ARK Global, LLC

Arrow Partners, Inc.

Avec Capital


Butler Capital Investments, LLC

Cedar Partners, Ltd.

Centerpoint Capital Management

Chase Investment Counsel

Compass Securities Corporation

Connors & Co. Investment Services

Cumberland Partners, LLC

DG Analytics

Distressed Debt I

Dolan Capital Group, LLC

DQN Global Capital

Durand Capital Partners

Eaton Partners, LLC

Finalpha Investissement Alternatif SAS

Fitzgibbon Toigo & Co., LLC

Five 9 Securities, LLC

Fortress Group, Inc.

Genesis Marketing Group

Gloverock Capital Partners

Great Bay Global, LLC

Gyroscope Capital Management Group, LLC

Hamersley Partners

Havener Capital Partners, LLC


Innovation Partners, LLC

Investment Management Support Solutions, LLC

J2 Capital Management

JDM Capital Opportunity Fund, LLP

JLT Capital Partners, LLC

Mainline West

MayTech Capital Management

MVision Private Equity Advisers USA, LLC

MyFunds Office

North Bridge Capital, Inc.

OpenFunds Investment Services AG

Patrick Capital Markets, LLC


Pavlik Capital Management LLC

Perkins Fund Marketing, LLC

Prime Opportunities Investment Group LLC

ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc.

Prosperous Capital Trust

Pursuit Capital Marketing, LLC

Red Matter Management Group, LLC

Regal Investment Advisors, LLC

Reeds Capital

SCC Capital Group, LLC

Simba Capital Limited

South Avenue Investment Partners

SouthernSun Asset Management, LLC

Stonehaven, LLC

Suncoast Equity Management, LLC

Tessera Capital Partners, LLC

Thomas Capital Group

Verrill Dana, LLP

XT Capital Partners, LLC

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